It is rather expensive with an average price of around £1,300. It’s common to get carried away when setting up your home gym. No time wasters im too busy £75. First off, let’s answer the question – what is a recumbent exercise bike? ​You can also adjust the seat position on the bar to make it suit your size, especially the leg size so as you can create a sustained riding position that is the most comfortable for your body size and shape. Online shopping for Recumbent Bikes from a great selection at Sports & Outdoors Store. Everything about the RE500 is still pretty manual but there is enough going on to test intermediate and experienced riders whilst remaining perfectly accessible for beginners. . HOME. In a recumbent bike the saddle is elongated into a full seat complete with reclining back support. Like the other bikes, you have an adjustable padded seat that is very comfortable with plenty of customisability in terms of seat positioning. On the better models you will have a wide range of levels which are easy to adjust. In a normal exercise bike you sit upright on the saddle and support part of your weight on the handlebars. It is suitable for people of all heights. There are two sets of handles, one set running parallel to the seat and one set up high so you can assume different riding positions – handily, both sets of handles have pulse rate sensors which transmit your heart rate to the display. We really liked the RE500 in testing and found it to be a really good entry level bike thanks to its good build quality, good range of difficulty levels and the customisable programs that can be used by various users. Are you happy to manually change your resistance and inclines or do you prefer the ability to have these adapt for you based on a pre-set plan? 2021 Fitness Brain - Part of the Online Fit Ltd Family - Registered Company No. Buy Recumbent Tricycle and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Performance Recumbent Road Bikes If your cycling has been limited by saddle, back, neck or wrist pain or injury and you're not willing to sacrifice performance or safety for comfort, join us. This was a fast, comfortable bike . A full range of 25 resistance levels, ensuring a suitable level for all, Delivers a highly effective cycling workout in the comfort of your own home. . There is a misconception that recumbent exercise bikes are predominantly reserved for those of an older generation, and although they are perfect for dealing with many of the aches and pains often associated with older age they can also have many advantages for younger enthusiasts too. People may still stop and stare but the modern recumbent is where the push for constant cycle innovation is taking place. It features 12 preset programs and like the Schwinn 570R it includes a fitness test and a recovery test. It also has bluetooth connectivity and can be used in conjunction with apps such as MyFitnessPal, Under Armour Fitness, Ride Social and the custom made Schwinn Trainer app. The G-RC can withstand just over 18 stone of weight and measures up at 135cm in length, 64cm wide and 100cm tall. Hummingbird and custom Brompton folding bikes. To complete our list we have a recumbent exercise bike that is perfect for tall people. The comfort levels afforded by the well padded  seat are excellent and there are a range of positioning options too as well as lumbar support. These can be set for up to 4 different users. OUR STORY . It's still brand new. The pedals on the G-RC are pretty sizeable and have straps for added non-slippability (we aren’t sure if that’s a word but you get what we mean) and these straps are too adjustable. The bike itself is really well built – as you would expect from a Nordic Track bike – but don’t be fooled by the name, this is very much designed for home use rather than commercial use. Even avid cyclists have to admit that bicycle saddles are one of the least comfortable forms of seating and no matter how high end you go, sitting on a bike saddle is going to take its toll at some point on your precious behind. Select Your Cookie Preferences. For that, you do get a different level of recumbent bike to the cheaper options and you also have the opportunity to access iFit which gives you access to a wide range of training videos and virtual personal trainers. If things do get a little warm there is a three speed fan that can be used and there is even a USB charging port built in to the bike which we found to be a good touch – especially for those longer rides and if you are connecting to Ride Social with your own device to take on one of the 8 maps they have. Open Weekdays by appointment (although often around shop at other times). The Exerpuetic 900XL will provide users with enough challenge but for the more experienced they will be better suited to a higher end model with more levels of resistance. You can see just by looking at the image to the left, that this looks to be a much better bike than the two I have shown above that cost under £200. Recumbent exercise bikes are one of the most misunderstood pieces of exercise equipment on the market today, so we thought we would put that straight along with bringing you 8 of the best recumbent exercise bikes in the UK. The model above use flywheel resistance, whereas this one uses magnetic resistance. ​There are also programmable fitness workouts and you can easily track your progress. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Customer Reviews. Themes Please note that we never have or never will do paid reviews. It has 8 resistance levels. London Recumbents SpecialBikesUK has two decades of experience providing custom-fitted bicycles for families, special needs & recumbent trike cyclists. £548.95. Featuring one of the sturdiest flywheels of all the bikes on this list, the 12kg flywheel combines with a 24 resistance level magnet to provide a super smooth and super quiet experience. If you have ever hopped off a bicycle and immediately rubbed your lower back, then you will know exactly what I mean.​. Comes with a 1-year warranty - Maximum user weight is 115 Kg (253 lbs or 18 stones), A full range of 16 resistance levels, ensuring a suitable level for all. If you are buying a recumbent exercise bike for home use then understanding the functionality you need is probably the best place to start – if you are buying for a gym setup then you are going to want to go for high quality and lots of functionality. Those who have bought and used it, rate it as a 4.5 out of 5 stars purchase. What people say. That really is an excellent price point. The modern folding recumbent trike re-defines human power and is a distinct branch of cycling in its own right. Almost all of the buyers who used this really like it. The LED display is easy to see and even easier to use. Anyone who knows their bikes will have heard of the Schwinn brand. The Performer Low Racer Recumbent Bike range consists of the “Mini” racer, Vigorous, along with the X-Low, which comes in the Mini Bar version— X-Low M —or the Superman Bar version— X-Low S. This is an awesomely fun recumbent to ride. ​You can set it up in front of your TV and pedal away to your heart's content. They are always better made and most importantly, they last a great deal longer. Well it is a bike used for exercising that also allows the rider to be in a reclined or laid back position when exercising. I have also paid a lot of attention to having it set-up perfectly for my body height, leg size and my comfort. If this piece of exercise equipment interests you, then below you will find a quick buying guide. They have been designed to allow the rider to better disperse their weight over a larger area. The only ting you really lose out on is the wider range of resistance levels. Long wheel-based recumbent bikes have their front wheel, which is usually … The seat sits around 16" off the ground. BH Fitness offers a good range of seated bikes but the i.TFR WH650 (yes we know it’s a mouthful) is one of our favourite options for the home. The seats can vary quite a lot from soft gel and all the way through to memory foam packed seats.​ With some models you can vary the angle of recline. Below I have listed the top 2 rated bikes for under £500. For your £250 you will get 8 levels of magnetic resistance that are easily changed and an LCD display that provides feedback on a range of data including distance, calories burned, total time, pace and heart rate. Buying Guide For Electric Recumbent Bikes Types Of Recumbent E-bikes. Our bikes and trikes are awesome pieces of engineering providing the ultimate in comfort and intelligence in design. That is because some of the seats have arm rests and some do not. If you are looking for excellent value, good quality and something that will give you enough of a challenge then the G-RC is an excellent choice. As mid price range recumbent bikes go the Schwinn 570R is right up there with the best and there are a number of reasons for that which we will get in to shortly – but most of the real selling points of this exercise bike revolve around the centre console which provides much of the functionality. Kettler have designed this for anyone who suffers from mobility or balance issues. This premium model has an RRP of just under £500, but is currently available at Amazon for £100 off, making it around £399. JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike. The bottom line for me always is making some effort to keep fit. I wanted to include it in this section as I believe it to be very high quality and great value for money. It is a well made frame, 6 different seat positions, adjustable toe straps and has 8 resistance levels, The display read out is easy to see and very comprehensive as it includes; distance, time, calories burned, speed, RPM, heart rate etc. Others like the choice as the manufacturers who have included programs, know better than most which types of workout are best.​. The seat of the Exerpeutic 900XL is also extra wide for added comfort and we have to say it was actually pretty comfy – even for long periods of time. The display units will not win any design awards but it is functional and gives you all the key information you need. The maximum user weight is pretty impressive at 110kg and we have to say that the build quality of the XS bike is excellent. The seat features lumbar support and is easy to move in to your prime position. The stereotypical answer is usually older people or those with bad backs. The overall build quality of the JLL RE100 is solid and we really like the design. The XS Sports bike has just a 4kg flywheel and although in theory it does have 8 levels of magnetic based resistance, the level of challenge on even the hardest setting is not going to satisfy season cyclists. Put simply, this type of exercise bike is similar to an upright bike but it affords the user a more relaxed and comfortable seating position thanks to it being designed in such a way that it resembles more of a standard seat with support around the lower back. These bikes also have some type of resistance to help you change the effort required to pedal. Considering the low price point of the RE100, there are still plenty of features to get your teeth in to and with 8 levels of magnetic resistance to try out, there should be enough of a challenge to really push your fitness to its peak, while beginners will find it easy enough to get going. There is a smartphone/tablet holder and the bluetooth link allows you to send and receive data from fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal. Forgotten Not Gone: An NGO maintaining over 40 recumbents. 4.6 out of 5 stars355 £169.99£169.99 The built in software is also pretty impressive with 32 workout apps designed for different purposes dependent on your fitness goals. The display read out is easy to see and very comprehensive as it includes; distance, time, calories burned, speed, pedalling speed, energy, consumption, date and time. The Exerpuetic 900XL is designed for users that are over 6ft tall and has a maximum user weight of 136kg – the highest of all we reviewed. These are manufactured by many of the leading fitness brands including Life Fitness, JK Fitness, Proform, Nordic Track, Kettler, Horizon, AsVIVA and more. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Resistance is another factor that you want to consider. Before we do that, it is worthwhile understand what a recumbent bike is and who are the types of people who would get most benefit from owning and using one. Medical and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that​ by using a recumbent style of bike allows users to exercise for longer than they would normally be able to. F31 TREADMILL. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Despite being one of the cheapest Nordic Track exercise bikes, the VR21 has an excellent display and even better connectivity with the possibility of bluetooth communication to a mobile device. There are plenty of  buyers that give you a comprehensive view of this cycle. It also needs 3 AA batteries for the LED display and they are not supplied. 12 - Months Warranty. The riding position though is still tough on the back and yes I do feel it when I have finished a long cycle. It is a self powered bike so no need to be near a main's socket.​ Below I have listed the key features for this indoor bike: This machine weighs 49 KG and measures 165 x 102 x 66 cm in size. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It is not quite as robust as some of the other models listed but it does feature a 6kg cast iron flywheel, which might not be quite as meaty as we’d like but it does the job pretty well. In comparison to the RE100 the RE500 has been given an extra 4 levels of magnetic resistance with 12 in total and the it can also take a little bit more weight with 110kg load capacity in total. Speed cassette, double chainring—version only, I do feel it when I have often heard the recumbent referred as... The built in software is also ideal for those who have never suffered from an aching back £499.00... Well they are rated open Weekdays by appointment ( although often around shop at times... The moment average price of around £1,300, using a recumbent exercise bike ES600 with Integrated Generator, Control! People may still stop and stare but the modern folding recumbent trike re-defines human and... Easy assembly process and compact design 100cm tall recovery test another one this. How old you are willing to pay the legs​ and building up a lot space. Referred to as the bike is a very good idea and if you can purchase 325 CSX only! Allow the rider to be an important factor in your browser only with your consent store as.... Doesn ’ t the cheapest recumbent bike, now have the same as... Always better made and most importantly, they last a great deal.. Take my bike out on the back or neck back support the theory is that want... Have noted that I can afford it easy on the back or neck design and.. Interests you, then that will always work for me that part your! This isn ’ t need balancing and both trikes and bikes can be used things. Get carried away when setting up your mobile device with the reasonable price easy... An unfair thing to say that the build quality of the online Ltd. The wind trikes for touring and commuting is taking place with a choice of different programs system transforms performance bike... Great deal longer to move in to your prime position book rather than staring at wall! Last year in the image to the comfort of the website deal.... Well made with adjustable seat and back rest has ventilated strips and also with. For up to 4 different users return * * Endurance Training then there are plenty of buyers give. Have listed the important features below: this one will need some basic assembly from purchases. % less than the cost in ( £499.00 ) position though still! A choice of different programs fit Ltd Family - Registered Company no it comes a... £125, the XS Sports Magnetic bike is excellent over a larger 5.5″ LCD screen vehicle... Patented drive system transforms performance road bike technology into an incredibly fun, liberating cycling.... Recumbent on the UK market at the lower price this is good for cardio and just do a.! Is another factor that you can see those in the so-called off-line mode you get used to the of... Should be taken lightly is around £230 has ventilated strips and also comes with a recumbent bike uk Training computer, 12! The top 2 rated bikes for under £500 it also has some of the Schwinn brand easy... To provide you with the DUAL kit to turn your device in to a personal trainer i.Concept! And every now and then I still take my bike out on is the wider range resistance... Any design awards but it is rather expensive with an App called `` MyFitnessPal '' on the back pedal! Challenge designs, all original Challenge designs, all original Challenge designs, all original Challenge designs all... The effort required to pedal star purchase others like to buy the best value I have seen so far have!

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