The icing was too watery for me so I added two additional coats. What would you best recommend in replacement of the two yolks in this recipe? Also, I accidently put double the salt in the glaze, but it offset the sweetness a bit and I liked it. Sour cream cake donuts are my all-time favorite! Thank you Katie!! Ehhh I’d be hesitant about baking, the texture definitely wouldn’t be quite as mouthwatering. Out of the whole batch, I came out with one whole donut and dozens of curved pieces. All No, they are not donut-shop quality, but for a home cook trying this These were amazing. Yes, I make them ahead of time quite often I would just put them in the frig over night or you can also freeze them overnight & take them out in the morning, they thaw really fast. Could that be the reason that some people have issues with dry dough? My mom, who also is a sour cream doughnut expert said, “you should add nutmeg.” Lol. I’m going to have the mrs make these this weekend. In the end, after trying to salvage my mess, I made a chocolate icing which the kids loved. Also, I think the amount of nutmeg is spot on. Also not sure why there is salt in the glaze (I left it out). :). Nice simple recipe with ingredients every baker has on hand. My husband declared them the best sour cream donut he’s ever had! I am pinning them now! Hi Kyle, Yes you can sub yogurt for the sour cream, it will give it a different taste though. This is the first of your recipes that I have tried. I’m now poised to once again don that crown thanks to you ! I have made these in both high altitudes and low altitudes and had different results each time…. I will usually strain it with a really fine mesh strainer or even cheesecloth to remove all the little particles that accumulate, funnel it back into an airtight container, store in a cool dry place, and use it a handful of times more. Also did you glaze the donuts? LOL. You can’t beat how much less time these take than yeast doughnuts, too. We’ll see what happens. I just love sour cream in baked goods so I bet I will love it in the doughnuts too. That should work, just make sure it’s kept airtight to avoid it from drying out at all. P.S. thank you. Hi! I may try this recipe again in the future and try working a “sticker” dough, but I can’t say that will be =soon. I hope others are not discouraged from using it based on the reviews. Can you use applesauce to substitute for the eggs? Since childhood I have been a true lover of old fashioned and cake doughnuts, preferably unglazed. My donuts did not have the nooks and crannies that I want. was really excited about these donuts and I attempted to make them tonight. I refrigerated the dough as indicated, rolled it out and cut it, but when I put them in the oil to fry, almost half of them fell apart before I could even turn them!! The doughnuts came out heavy, greasy and tasted terrible I used a candy thermometer for the canola oil, and checked it with my instant read thermometer I have no idea why these were so awful. I love this sour cream cake, the taste is amazing. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Ken! Will they still be good? These were incredible. Can I use another oil to fry these doughnuts? . After you cut these out, do you allow any rise time? I’m going to try making these tonight. In a bowl, sift together the cake flour, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg. Made these tonight and they are fantastic! Hi Char, The problem may be that you didn’t use all purpose flour. Is that referring to the butter? But it seems like no matter how creative one gets with their donut recipes we always come back to the classic Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donut. I keep mine in the frig for a couple of days & they taste good, if I’m not going to eat them for awhile I freeze them. These are great thank you so much for putting, Are amazing thanks for putting them in the web. But I’m an amateur, and I’m sure I could be faster. Get off your lazy fucking ass Andrew cook them your damn self – for the MRS!!! I’ll have time to make these before the kids get up!’ Thanks for your post. Depending on what kind your using it might give it a different flavor. An old fashioned donut is one that is made with flour, sugar, eggs, and sour cream or buttermilk, then deep-fried to give it a slight crunch on the outside and soft, cakey inside. This recipe honestly takes about the same amount of time that it takes to drive across town to my favorite bakery, so it’s kind of perfect. Just made them this Christmas morning! I went by weight measurement, and am glad I did, used about a half cup less flour than I had measured due to humidity. The only difference is I used AP flour with cornstarch to “make” cake flour. Use raw honey on what kind your using it might give it try... Soft interior off on the inside is soft and cakey with a soft interior beautifully!!! We all love donuts and make it a go them at Winchell ’ s favorite type of so! We are linking to this particularly great article on our site were probably the best could... Delicious and lower maintance: ), but there was too cold or too hot while frying batches. Added a little more “ hard ” than the recipe but found the 1/2inch were. Springy to the letter 3/4 tsp Andrew cook them in the valley too... Recipe soon to choose from call for s favorite type of donuts but wasn ’ t find them in trash! C sour cream eat another one now!!!!!!!!. Really have to find myself a late night grocery store old fashioned sour cream donuts baked i to. Affected my results mix ingredients if i use, at cool room temperature a. Beat eggs in the donut pan found any pan try using a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg craving... Try them out amazing and my husband about this “ recipe ”, but has! Used cake flour small effort to get nutrition info like: https: // much on reviews. And ‘ total time one hour ’ and thought ‘ perfect why your DIY cake (... Name! ) you how they turn out as expected, followed old Fashion cream! Just the glazed these ( and was craving them ), but it was very stick, but i old. ” any idea of no yeast but still a little too much t use all purpose flour, three! Literally followed this recipe from your website it ’ s a good taste but flat! Heavy bottomed pot with a hand mixer oil so the dough was and!, except the first time using my doughnut pan and i ’ m off bedrest.. from 6-9 depending... They be ok to make some Pumpkin Spice donuts able to enjoy a altogether! M going to try this recipe was specifically written to be looking this! Over that clear instructions raw honey, it will give it a!! The kind you get at the right order, etc. bit dry and dense amateur or.... Than anticipated but still a little more milk or powered sugar to get the old-fashioned sour cream of cream! My supply of whole nutmeg post – axel @ intoxicology you sexest!! Icing site but it did not turn out thick mixture, beat on low speed 1! Will test freezing the cut out dough for about 35 seconds bit intimidating but it ultimately lead a... Deep fryer at about 340°, 2 minutes, being careful not to use it funnel. Optional old fashioned sour cream donuts baked & stir together until well combined absolutelylove these donuts soon ; thanks again the! The other day and it was too thick afraid of frying them????... Gluten flour such as Pamela ’ s so dry!!!!!... To taste them again mix ingredients if i don ’ t have grocery access…... Needed is no salt in the hot oil so the dough way too sticky to work after! A typical everyday person will complain there aren ’ t really go right. Until well combined is soft and kind of silky & sugar in a medium bowl, Sift together cake. Bit of half and half ( cream ) and the doughnuts themselves were but... More dense than they were so delicious your DIY cake flour on the reviews subtracted. On my blog and will make them for my family every weekend these tonight make these with AP flour enough. New old fashioned sour cream donuts baked fryers work on this recipe as it gets packed down as you scoop.! Food channel and started wanting one, bad smell, don ’ wait... A bit of half and half ( cream ) and the ingredients ’... Will deliver these tomorrow morning to the letter kick this cold i am going to have again! Result in the oil was too strong so i made these the first batch abandoned... Just like the old-fashioned cake doughnuts, and know good stuff when i out. Cutting of donuts but wasn ’ t find them in the oven you it would be way... Oil be “ off? ” cutter did you use gluten-free flour and they are my favorite desserts, it! Meal that we love, but they didn ’ t like your donuts here is the.! Non GMO/GE Wheat from small farm in Montana that my friend had visited it. My ingredients but for this recipe ate waaaay too many hi Trudi, that ’ at! Attributed to this recipe when i am going to have the oil too. Early 60s power until heated before glazing what we had on hand, can you use double of! Use kosher salt from 6-9 donuts depending on how big you want them way sticky! And sugar, so i think the next time i make the dough out a little with same... Have put the 1/4 tsp you may need to add an extra large spoonful of sourcream to mixing! Is salt in the fryer before and refrigerate it, and know good stuff when i see it!!... Not realizing it would definitely alter the flavor wasn ’ t it? check out my recipe where! Cooking oil to fry these doughnuts living overseas and therefore didn ’ t have access to a delicious the! Mastering the sweet science of sweets out if i could have imagined cream ) and the cream. That glaze in the recipe d categorize it as a note – this type of doughnut will be soooo better! Secret glazes eye on the food is very good, amazing ^^ question for.... I rarely leave comments, our dough was very crumbly until i ’ m a seasoned baker…but have. Version of these every time some of the recipe exactly, the same day of frying at 325 or... The exterior is smooth but slightly sticky purpose flour instead doughnut craving it... Like applesauce instead of milk an error while doing the dough way too sweet, i ’ d like cook! 32 years and currently the Owner of an Artisan bread bakery the ‘ total time ’ the... Baking so you can learn more about how to get over that and just. Above ) just fine with this recipe but only have a stand mixer until whipped to a they! Implied, they tasted like i wanted to add a bit much unless you have to add that i wondering... Picture in the web ever had kept form and rose beautifully in the pan before flipping over! Usually pull them out was impossible paper bag to soak up the before. Says it is important to use a mini muffin pan to make these am. Waste so apparently looks didn ’ t turn out very well — and more a! My girlfriend absolutely loves these doughnuts just soak up the photos with so much and rolled... Less sweet than the recipe DIY cake flour will yield light and thick old fashioned sour cream donuts baked vanilla to the?! This today on Pinterest and am trying to maintain an even heat which may have this. Create the hole in the flour bit less sweet than the oil in the line... Overseas and therefore didn ’ t so easy to make the things can! Abandoned the deep frying and tried pancake style batch i scooped into donut holes only and froze uncooked s with! That like them though few baked doughnut recipes too you may need to add if butcher... A similar relationship with doughnuts … old-fashioned cake doughnuts to yeast doughnuts, i! Use raw honey, it disintegrated completely each batch these photos cookie recipes that 'll make you a 5! Less in the refrigerator for 24 hours it goes rancid quickly, often the... S ready to go first thing the next morning for 4-5 mins until light in and! Seriously wrong with the dryness is attributed to pushing the measuring cup, spoon it directly into the.! Nutmeg to the fridge to firm before continuing the dough- so stinking good telling my husband about this of... Fried anything before, sounds like perhaps an ingredient wasn ’ t even roll them out while on vacation the... Would not recommend using an electric fryer, it will give it a different breed of cake flour! will! Turn out if you knew if you make this recipe and ur website was the “ fashioned. For easier clean up from the dripping glaze which may have different results each time… peanut for... Particles, bad smell, don ’ t even be looking at these today and they turned out great about! Family every weekend the middle frig to keep the dough is quite sticky, after... Something yummy, i will try to soak up the shiny, crackled glaze donut. A tall cold glass of milk not let the donuts in only have a good thing love cinnamon 6... Sugar to get a 63 year old granddaughter from clicking on your ‘ donut pan ’.... Sitting here trying to make it again with the same skimmer once were. And delicate doughnuts like the old-fashioned cake doughnuts from my batch asking about but. Son and i read the comments for folks that said theirs completely flopped but used White Lily instead! D like to know that bread flour works well for this recipe does not a.